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The Gingerbread City is an annual exhibition where architects, designers and engineers create an entire city made of gingerbread. Created by the Museum of Architecture (MoA), the aim of the exhibition is to connect the public with architecture through an innovative display designed for the holiday season. Now in its third year, this edition of the Gingerbread City is hosted by the V&A museum in the Creative Studio space and will focus on the theme 'Imagining the Future City'.

Our proposal for the Curdzon Cinema examined the importance of urban farming in the future city and the design centres around a genetically modified urban lemon farm. Ensuring the outdoor cinema screen never runs out of juice, a hydroponics centre supported by boiled sweet photo-voltaics, powers the screen. We invited visitors to imagine the inhabitants of this gingerbread city following the liquorice power cable, through the gingerbread pergolas and past the lemon curd pond to the juice plug stall to grab a glass of refreshing, homegrown lemonade.

The festive exhibition is now open at the Victoria and Albert Museumuntil 6th January 2019 so do go along and take a look at all the amazing gingerbread architecture!

(Image above courtesy of Luke Hayes)