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Housing is always in the news in Hong Kong - it's not just your home, it's also your pension and your savings. For this reason people in Hong Kong monitor the housing market closely.

Just like London the cost of housing is challenging to homeowners, but unlike London there is no such thing as minimum standards for housing. Certain Developers have responded by producing smaller and smaller apartments, some as small as 14sqm. Unscrupulous landlords rent out spaces in divided flats as small as 4sqm each.

PDP London’s Hong Kong Studio, have been honing their extensive experience with London high end residential to respond to the challenges of this market, where prices have been increasing so fast, that an already expensive market is reaching new levels of unaffordability. This has provided the opportunity to learn and innovate in models of luxury housing, compact enough to align with space standards but luxurious enough to set them apart from the average Hong Kong apartment buildings.

With interested clients personally involved in the design process, we are able to produce resolutely contemporary architecture, meeting the needs of an ever demanding and increasing middle class population. Developments such as our Whitesands scheme for Swire Properties in South Lantau and the Kau To Highland development for Couture Homes in the Sha Tin area of Hong Kong, demonstrate innovative use of materiality and light in restricted spaces whilst maximising the beauty of the Hong Kong landscape. 

Now that discerning Hong Kong developers are looking for opportunities to invest in places like London, post Brexit, the opportunity for extensive collaboration between the London and Hong Kong studios to share ideas, knowledge base, and best practice in high-end residential between East and West is presenting itself.