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Marion Baeli was project architect of PDP London’s 100 Princedale Road project, the first PassivHaus certified residential retrofit in the UK – one of the Retrofit for the Future programme project. This led her to author ‘Residential Retrofit: Twenty Case Studies’, an RIBA publication that presents a series of innovative and best practice case studies of residential low energy retrofit projects, and illustrates what has been achieved in practice in the UK.

'Packed with clearly presented technical information and accompanied by useful drawings and photographs, this timely book is essential reading for anyone interested in the domestic retrofit agenda. Marion Baeli teases out the lessons of the Retrofit for the Future programme in clear prose and sets this UK initiative in a European context. Twenty comprehensive case studies – which include a representative range of architectural styles and construction types – include thumbnail plans and sections which make the new interventions apparent at a glance, a detailed isometric wall section which explains the construction assembly, as well as energy metrics and costs.

Baeli has transformed a potentially dry subject into a compelling and informative read which will be useful for the broad range of stakeholders involved in the domestic retrofit sector'.

Hattie Hartman, Sustainability Editor, The Architects’ Journal

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