Applications should be sent to

The data we hold

Applicants for roles at PDP London usually send us one or more of the following:

- CV
- Covering letter
- Portfolio

Some applicants also send other examples of work such as sketches. These documents are usually either received as part of speculative applications or in response to an advert placed on a third-party website such as a jobs board.

You are not required to send in all these documents; if applying for an architectural role, we would usually expect a CV and some example of your work. We do not encourage recommendations or references at the application stage.

What the data is used for and who we share it with

These documents are used to consider your suitability for a role with us: it is reasonable to assume that you consent to this by submitting the application. Data will be saved and retained on a secure server with restricted access. To consider the application fairly, your documents may be shared with members of the Human Resources department, Partners and members of staff directly involved in the hiring process.

Neither your documents nor your contact details will be passed onto any third party outside the company; we will only use your contact details to speak to you about your application.

If you apply through an advert on a jobs board or similar, please be aware that your data is originally submitted to these third-party websites, who then provide it to us. While we strive to work with jobs boards that are compliant with GDPR, we are not able to guarantee their compliance; always read their privacy notice before submitting your data. If you are unsure, apply directly by emailing

After the Application

If you are offered a position with us, we will need to collect more information on you to draw up your contract of employment.

You do not have to give us the information we ask for at this stage, but if you choose not to do so we may not be able to hire you.

Along with your contract, we will provide you with our full Privacy Notice for Employee Data. If at any point you are unsure why you are being asked for your personal data, please contact our HR Manager immediately at

If your application is unsuccessful, your data will be stored securely for six months, and then destroyed. We keep this to analyse hiring processes and ensure we are meeting legal obligations surrounding recruitment and discrimination.

Accessing, withdrawing or altering your data

You have the right to ask about your data. Please see the Privacy homepage for more details on your rights.

If you have sent an application in error or decide that you would like to withdraw your data before you receive a response from us, please let us know immediately by contacting In this case we would be likely to delete your data straight away. It is not usually possible to consider an application once we have deleted your CV and/or Portfolio.

In some cases, such as once you have attended an interview with us, withdrawing your application may not mean that we delete your data immediately.

The reason for this is the legitimate interests and legal obligations of our company; it is important that we keep full records of our recruitment process to analyse any possible instances of discrimination and to investigate any claims of discrimination thoroughly. This is part of our commitment to providing equal opportunities for all applicants.

We will be happy to receive corrected or updated documents.



After you leave our employment, we retain some of your personal data to give a reference, on request, to your prospective future employers. This data would usually include:

- your full name
- the dates you were employed
- job titles you held at PDP London

In some cases, it might also include:

- your final salary information
- your paternity and parental leave records
- (if required by law), disciplinary records
- other information about your work here

Giving references is considered best practice and, in some cases, is necessary to fulfil regulatory obligations.

Please let us know if you have an objection to our responding to a reference request from your future employers. It is important that we make sure you know, however, that references are a standard part of most recruitment procedures and that if you do not wish us to provide a reference this may have negative consequences for a job application. You should always discuss with a prospective employer what references are required for a role.

Other information

We will have gathered other information such as your name, address, phone number, sickness and absence history, benefits, full salary history etc., while you were employed by us. This data is stored in secure locations or on secure servers, with restricted access. Other than to provide a reference as stated above, none of this information will be shared with a third party unless required to be shared by law. We will however retain it for a period of 7 years after the termination of your employment to meet legal and business liabilities. After this time the data will be securely destroyed.