The construction process and servicing of building is responsible for 50% of the UK total carbon emissions currently thought responsible for global warming. While architects cannot solve the current climate change issue on their own, they can play a significant role in producing high quality sustainable designs.

PDP London's projects are developed with sound environmental principles and sustainability in mind from the very start. This process includes the reduction of the car reliance, the minimisation of operational energy demand, the responsible sourcing of materials, durability, the selection of appropriate renewable energy systems and the consideration of the environmental issues as part of the wider context (economics, culture, historical and social).

We focus on a Fabric First approach to building design, maximising the performance of the components and materials that form the building fabric, before considering the use of active services. This approach can reduce the capital and operational costs, improving the energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

We are currently working on a series of low and zero carbon schemes in both urban and rural sites where these principles are fully applied. We are dedicated to designing these high quality sustainable buildings for the mutual benefit of our clients, society and the natural world.

Our designs are about a balance between ethics and aesthetics where the quality of our designs are never compromised by the implementation of sustainable principles.

Formal accreditation schemes are applied on 80% of our projects (BREEAM, CfSH and LEED) and we use modelling systems to base all our designs on sound data.

To enhance our competence as architects and urban designers, we have also worked to develop an in-house knowledge resource, which enables staff to design with full awareness of significant environmental issues and holistic solutions.

From climate change to biodiversity issues, we are committed to embracing our role as designers through good place making and design, bringing use and vibrancy into dormant space and empower communities to improve their quality of life.

PDP London - Continuous Commitment

While there may be doubt as to the accuracy of climate change predictions and the level of impact, it is clear that the associated potential risks do not allow us to be complacent.

We are the first generation of architects to address a great global concern through our design. Low carbon architecture is the way forward for our future.

At PDP London, we embrace this and our designs respond appropriately and enthusiastically to this positive challenge.

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