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In June, the City of Madrid announced an international contest for a £9.6 million overhaul of the abandoned Beti Jai pelota arena in the city. The aim of the competition was to select a team to restore and re-imagine the disused venue, known locally as a fronton, which hasn't hosted a match for almost a century.

The Beti Jai fronton is around 1.8km north-east of the city centre and was constructed in a Moorish Revival architectural style in 1894, but ceased operating as a sports venue 25 years later.

The winners were announced in late November and we are absolutely delighted to have been placed 5th out of an impressive 74 international entries.

PDP London is proud to have worked with a fantastic multi-disciplinary team on our submission, which included Castiel Consultants, BAC Engineering Consultancy Group, Marini Urbanismo, Theatre Projects and Lighting Design Collective.

Click here to visit the project page and read more about our approach and design proposals.