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Join PDP London and the Green Register on 7th July from 17.00-19.00 at PDP London offices, 198 King's Road, SW3 5XP to learn about a series of tools that could make your life as a project designer easier.

  • Are you designing a building and don’t know what tools to use to improve the sustainable performance?
  • Don’t know how to deal with the Y Values of your projects to comply with Part L 2013?

  • PDP London’s Associate, Iain McLellan, Senior Architect, Luke Richardson-Brown, and Architectural Designer, Michelle Sanchez, will illustrate a series of tools that can be used to improve the building physics of projects and make them more sustainable - not just at the design stage but also in reality.

    We will be showing a series of PDP London’s projects and will cover a series of assessments and analyses that will give delegates an overall view of different issues that could be applied to any project. Aiming to show delegates simple ways to apply tools like WUFI, Y Value calculations, Thermal bridging, thermal bypass on a party wall, to make our buildings more sustainable.


    Green Register Members £19
    Non-Green Register Members £35

    Click here to register for the event.