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In a nation-wide design competition, teams of developers and architects were tasked with redeveloping the former Daimyo elementary school site in central Fukuoka as part of the Tenjin Big Bang project, a project aimed at making Fukuoka an Asian Business hub.

The former school building is currently in use as a community building for start-ups. Directly behind the building lies a 3,000sqm sports ground that will play a major role in the redevelopment as public green area and a link to the Tenjin area.

The design approach for the main building, a 24 storey commercial tower with a retail podium, offices and the future Ritz-Carlton hotel, is to open up the public approach from Tenjin by splitting the volume over its entire height and twisting the 2 volumes away from each other to create space on street level. The lower levels feature landscaped terraces that open up towards the public courtyard. The two towers have a curtain wall facade with vertical and horizontal fins at each level. The centre section has a more transparent facade treatment that helps with setting the two tower volumes apart.

This will be one of the tallest buildings (110m) in central Fukuoka after a recent height relaxation introduced by the City and will no doubt change the skyline of Fukuoka.

The main construction work is due to start in December 2019 and is expected to complete in late 2022.