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Pavilion Road reached the final 6 of the WAN Future Project Awards in the Residential Category.

With only four extra care schemes currently available within Knightsbridge this project was received positively by the jury members. PDP London are looking to bring a much needed extra care facility into the heart of this borough. The Pavilion Road project is set to regenerate a 1970s Brutalist car park with independent units that will be generously sized, catering for the needs of couples or singles, with accommodation for live-in carers while also combining this with a comprehensive range of communal facilities.

The context is a quiet residential area, which is close to shopping and public transport facilities and which will also be a short distance from London’s main hospitals. Access to the local amenities will be both a draw to residents and carers alike, providing services in a part of the Royal Borough not yet covered by existing extra care facilities. Jonathan approved of this projects idea by stating, “It’s nice to see some extra care in Knightsbridge.” Paul reinforced this, “I really quite like this. I think this would be a good project to have done in this location.”

The concept of the façade was governed by a modern interpretation of the Queen Anne typology of the surrounding setting. The objective of this design is to open up the site by creating a courtyard that links both visually and physically. Russell expressed his interest in the project by saying, “What’s interesting is that they have looked to open the site out so you are aware of what’s happening and that’s nice. It’s the plan form that I like."