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We are delighted to win London’s Low Line competition with our Low Line Commons design. The international competition invited entrants to develop a vision and strategy for the regeneration of a walking route along a series of railway viaducts through Bankside, London Bridge and Bermondsey.

'Low Line Commons aspires to be a shared natural and cultural resource of the people, by the people and for the people. It aims to transform the arches from being a barrier to a seam sensitively knitted into the multiple layers of the local context. Spin-offs from the key interventions will be curated to have a positive impact on the immediate context creating a commons region rather than a linear destination. We look forward to working with the client team in developing the Low Line as a robust piece of infrastructure for London that creatively tackles the current environmental, economic and social challenges head-on.'

Pedro Roos, Partner at PDP London

Teaming up with MacFarlane and Associates landscape architects, Greengage sustainability consultants and Studio 4215 environment consultants, our sustainable masterplan celebrates the area’s diverse neighbourhood and renowned heritage. It is aimed at uniting communities by creating connections and seams that encourage social interaction.

The Low Line Commons design will boast a vibrant atmosphere, pulling influence from its historical significance to create a district dedicated to creativity and the arts. By constructing an urban design story that considers the future of the city's landscape and by using forward-thinking we have devised a scheme that will bring a new lease of life to the area.