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The PDP-led team was selected to deliver the masterplan as winners of a rigorous international invited competition, winning out over acclaimed practices from across Europe and North America.

A collaboration between PDP London Architects and Urban Designers with DSC Group and an expert team of international consultants, the proposed development at Punta Colorada presents a unique opportunity to create one of the world's finest golf destinations at the heart of a luxurious tropical resort.

At the heart of the development, four 9-hole golf courses will allow visitors to create their own 18-hole course from any combination they choose. The central golf club will provide the spatial link between the four distinct golf experiences on offer—along with great views, food, drink, and relaxation.

In addition to the exceptional golf offer, the proposed scheme will include three hotels, a new marina, six residential villages comprising 1,500 private residences, each with its own character and town square, and associated restaurants and retail throughout. Further sports and leisure facilities will include water sports and equestrian centres, including polo fields and an extensive network of riding trails. A new canal will allow for water taxi connections between the beach hotel and the marina, while increasing the viable waterfront area for construction.

The aim of this project is to establish Punta Colorada not just as a world-class tourist destination nestled within the Cuban landscape and culture, but also as a catalyst to trigger future development in the region.

"This proposal, without a doubt, shows passion and a clear sense of generating experiences that money cannot buy. Technically the PDP London proposal presents a good study of the place, showing adequate previous analysis of conditions impacting the development of the place... Undoutbtedly, the proposal of PDP London, puts in value the Cuban landscape, culture and way of life, and for all that, the Board of Directors of the Mixed Company Punta Colorada SA has unanimously decided to declare you the winners of the contest."
Punta Colorada Joint Venture President D. Jaume Roma Rodríguez

The team is now hard at work to develop the competition-winning proposals for submission to Cuban regulatory authorities later this year.

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