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PDP London's Prince of Wales Yard project features in the NLA's WRK / LDN insight study and current exhibition on display at the Building Centre, London.

WRK / LDN examines the future workspace requirements of London’s commercial, enterprise and industrial sectors, and sets out a series of key recommendations to ensure the future resilience of London through its provision of space and land for business.

With a focus on keeping the mind active in later life, the Prince of Wales Yard scheme provides a hobby room, workshops and a multi-purpose hall for band practice and film nights for the In-Pensioners and staff. In addition to this, offices for the Royal Hospital administration and staff welfare facilities are provided in a number of new and refurbished buildings.

The restored buildings sit around a newly landscaped square.

Overall, the scheme restores life to a neglected corner of the Hospital, and creates spaces with a very distinctive character.