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‘The Thames is liquid history’ (John Burns, 1929) - Urban Design Workshop

Memory and experience are inextricably linked to the way we negotiate the urban fabric of London, both as active users of the city (inhabitants) and as ‘agents of change’ (architects) for future iterations of it.

Representing one of the most recognisable and consistent elements of London over the years, the River Thames has borne witness to its’ myriad developments, providing a valuable multi-generational human and economic resource. The city’s rich industrial history in particular is intrinsically linked with the River Thames and the years gone-by of maritime routes, shipping and trade, and to this day a large proportion of London’s remaining industrial land is still located along its’ river banks.

With the projected growth of London’s population and the increasing demand placed on existing services and infrastructure, we naturally look towards the GLA ‘Opportunity Areas’ as places for future development and expansion. However it is within these areas that London’s rich industrial heritage is still evident, and at potential threat of being eradicated.

As part of the London Festival of Architecture 2017 we will be hosting an open studio urban design workshop in our offices on 17th June to explore these opportunity areas that have been earmarked for the expansion of London. We will focus on a selected area along the River Thames that has a rich industrial heritage, to produce future iterations of the city embedded with the memory of the past.

We propose that by looking into the past of this area we will be able to unlock invaluable clues that will provide us with the correct tools to best preserve, enhance and develop parts of London like this for future generations.

Event Timetable

0930 - 1000: Registration

1000 - 1030: Welcome and introduction

1030 - 1100: Briefing and organisation into groups

1100 - 1245: Design session 1 (Scope: Developing the overall masterplan)

1245 - 1315: Light lunch

1315 - 1500: Design session 2 (Scope: Developing a focus area in further detail)

1500 - 1600: Final Presentation

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